WebIO Not Detected

You may see this message in your frontend if WebIO is unable to find the active WebIO instance in the browser.

Troubleshooting Jupyter

WebIO requires the installation of a Jupyter extension to function properly.

If you're using Jupyter Notebook (classic), run the following.

using WebIO

If you're using Jupyter Lab, run the following.

using WebIO

# Or, if you are launching via IJulia.jupyterlab()
using WebIO

Jupyter Lab poses some additional issues that the classic notebook does not. For more information on those difficulties, read the IJulia documentation.

Jupyter Notebook

List all extensions by running

jupyter nbextension list

and uninstalling anything that includes webio (in particular, webio/main refers to a previous version of the WebIO extension).

For example,

jupyter nbextension uninstall --user webio/main
jupyter nbextension uninstall --user webio-jupyter-notebook

(note that this may print an error if you don't actually have those extensions installed and that's okay).

Re-install the Jupyter notebook extension by running (at the Julia REPL)

using WebIO

Jupyter Lab

Re-install the Jupyter labextension by running (at the Julia REPL)

using WebIO

If you launch Jupyter by running IJulia.jupyterlab(), run the following instead.

using WebIO

Jupyter Hub

The Jupyter server extension needs to be installed as part of the build process - before the jupyter–notebook starts. This means that it's not possible to install WebIO while running in JupyterHub since you can't restart the notebook process.

For example, if running JupyterHub using docker containers (e.g., using the Kubernetes spawner), add this step to your singleuser image:

RUN julia -e '\
        using Pkg; pkg"add IJulia WebIO"; pkg"precompile"; \
        using WebIO; WebIO.install_jupyter_nbextension(); \

If using JupyterLab, use WebIO.install_jupyter_labextension() instead.

Still having problems?

Open a GitHub issue. Please make sure to include information about what you've tried and what the results of those steps were.